acoustic bass guitar
Kick Ass'd Bass
Picture of two basses
Acoustic bass guitar prototypes made from a 22" Bass drum and a bass guitar neck
The first bass

Jake's Bass (part 1)

Jake's Bass (part 2)
Hellbucket, the band I play bass for, had to refuse a gig, when asked to play at a festival without power. In an effort to prevent this happening again I looked at battery amps and then at my store of useful bits and pieces. A rescued but smashed bass guitar with a good neck and hardware got me thinking.
I had been looking at washtub basses for another project and remembered an image of a mutant washtub/bass drum bass with 6 strings.
My brother supplied me with an ill looking bass drum with a good skin and hardware. Over the next weekend I busied myself in the basement and by Sunday had a playable bass.
Soon another friend offered me a better bass, an old Harmony, and I swapped the necks over.
When Jake saw and heard the "Butt Kickin' Bass," he wanted one and supplied another old drum and soon the first "Kick Ass'd Bass" was complete and now resides with Jake, very handy for me when we rehearse at his.